Starting our Van Life....

Ok, so my boyfriend and I decided to do something crazy. Something so out there and far from the norm that I thought it would be cool to write it down and look back on when I'm old and wrinkly. We have decided to declutter our lives and pack up only the essentials, our pups, and venture out in his trusty ProBros van and see the world. That's right folks, we are going to embark on the Van Life. This is something that we have been talking about for over a year now and we just got tired of waiting for the "perfect" circumstances to make that first leap.

Ever since being back from my Camino de Santiago hike and walking almost 500 miles across northern Spain, we have really changed our goals and mindsets and we have decided to opt for experiences and quality of life over material possessions.


Taking that walk was life changing.                                                                           Logroño, Spain.   

Taking that walk was life changing.                                                                           Logroño, Spain.   

Thus, we set the D-Day to June 6, 2017 and although that is still 6 months out, I think that gives us enough time to find someone to rent our house to, arrange our van for sleeping and living (stay tuned for that) and save up as much money as possible till then. We are going to have this blog and a video blog keeping record of every step of the way and all our adventures thru this vast country and maybe even Central and South America. 

 Stay tuned and if you wanna follow and see how we do, like us!

Happy New Years from St Louis.

Happy New Years from Pro Bros Productions. Even though we started a little late, we're going to bring you more Blog post this year. Pro Bros had a great time in St Louis working the NHL Winter Classic presented by Bridgestone. We worked with Bridgestone to promote their brand while having some fun with the NHL crowds. Hope everyone is having a good year. See you guys soon!

From Leon to Villafranca

Hello my lovelies. I bid you all a good morning from the comfort of my cozy bunkbed as I prepare to sleep before tomorrow's new adventure. Since the last time I checked in, so much has happened. So much has changed. The camino had taught me that it is ever winding and you shouldn't get used to really anything because that's when it shall switch it up on you. From yellow, flat hay fields that stretch out out far as the eye can see, to pine covered mountain tops and lush green trails that seem to touch the sky. The spanish weather is every bit tempered as any latin woman because it switches from one extreme to another quicker than the drop of a hat. During the day, the sun burns and beams down relentlessly for the better part of the whole day. By evening, the winds will have you running to search for that jacket or windblazer that you have to fight the enveloping chill that hits the city by sun down. And just when you feel safe from the horror stories of the night blood suckers that emerge from  the depths of your "prestine" bedding, they strike! I had made it 24 days without incident but, as fate would have it, the camino thought it wouldn't be an authentic camino without running into these little critters at one point or another. My group got ambushed in the town of Villafranca de Bierzo at the most charming of albergues. It couldn't be a more perfect place get hit with bed bugs. The family that owned the albergue was so understanding and accommodating. We felt so comfortable and well taken care of, that it turned out to be one of the best days of the trip.